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We help launch and expand businesses in Japan

At Launch Lab we help small businesses, startups, and even foreign corporations with incorporation in Japan, back office support, and expansion in the Japanese market.

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Setting Up and Growing a Company in Japan Can Be Complicated and Expensive

We offer good quality services for a great price and can help you in a wide range of areas. There are amazing full-service agencies that are great for multinational companies, but can be quite expensive and you don't need that level of service. On the other hand, super cheap services under-deliver and waste time and cost you money.

Our middle tier solutions can not only help with incorporation in Japan, but also raise additional capital and generate more leads and sales


Japan Rocket Start

We help foreign entrepreneurs and corporations get off to a rocket start in incorporation in japan. Let us handle your incorporation setup, back office setup, and get you compliant and ready to launch in 3…2…1…

  • Licensed professionals will prepare and submit your incorporate, taxes, and labor and welfare documents.

  • Save money and time. Reduce incorporation time by two or more  weeks

  • Templates and Guides in English : Founder agreements, cap-table management, and guides on banking and more.

  • Chat support is provided in English or Japanese if anything is unclear

back office support from Launch Lab Japan
Got Questions? We Have Answers...

Finance & Operations Booster

Have questions about raising capital, subsidies, startups, finances and accounting, back office support, or even just managing Japanese staff, but don't know where to start? Our monthly subscription service starts from 11,000 yen a month.

How it works

You or your staff can send us your question through chat in English or Japanese and we answer. 

300+ Companies

We have advised more than 300 small to medium companies in Japan.

Certified Professional

Kenta is a certified securities analyst and standard level IPO professional

Discover Useful Information

Not sure what to ask? No problem, we post questions from other business managers.


Scaling Your Company

Looking to get more leads and expand sales from the Japanese or English speaking market? We have courses on sales, and provide hands on marketing services to scale your business.



on creating a marketing & sales decktrade shows, and more.

Website Creation

let us create your website in English or Japanese to get more leads.

1 on 1 Marketing & Sales Advisory

to improve 2nd meetings, closing deals, and ways to grow leads or improve quality.

Content Marketing

Podcast editing in English, Content creation in English or Japanese to create a solid impression.

Get off to a Rocket Start in Japan. Let our mid-tier services guide your way.


Hear From Our Clients

At Rocket Start, we provide expert guidance, clear options, and dedicated support to
make your incorporation in Japan seamless and straightforward. 

Tyson has immense entrepreneurial experience, particularly in the Japanese market. He quickly identified my company's growth challenges and asked the perfect questions to address them. Tyson also helped foresee potential issues, saving me months of trial and error. His insights and expertise are invaluable, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start a business in Japan. Tyson's guidance is worth the investment.


Dustin Ikeda - CFO of
Hashi Media

Tyson's impact on our small company has been immense. As the CEO of FunDo, his guidance helped me understand my business better, become a more effective leader, and organize myself efficiently. Tyson taught me the importance of delegation, goal-setting, and trusting my team. His advice significantly led to the develop our team members, particularly one without a management background, who has shown tremendous growth.


David Chandler - CEO of



Fumiko Yoshida - COO of Tricolage, Inc.

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Unlock the potential of your business with our launch lab services for startups, and small to medium size companies.

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About Us


Tyson Batino

Tyson Batino is a resident mentor for 500 global and is advising 35 companies on scaling their business in Japan by upgrading their marketing, sales, team, and operations. One area he noticed is that many companies lack good back office systems and it slows them down and makes it harder to get loans, investment, or acquired in the future.


Kenta Kato

Kenta has served as a management and finance consultation for SMEs and startups for  9 years. He has helped companies with financial projection, accounting, and valuation. He has consulted one company to IPO and helped the company he worked with IPO and can help bring this diligence to your startup or small business


Hei-Kin Wong

Heikin will be coordinating between you and Kenta and our experts. Heikin graduated from Temple university with a degree in international business and has been living in Japan for over 6 years. He is based in Tokyo and you may see him at various startup events promoting Rocket Start and our Scaling Japan Podcast.

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