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At Launch Lab we help small businesses, startups, and even foreign corporations with incorporation in Japan, back office support, and expansion in the Japanese market.

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Co-Founder - Growth Expert & 500 Global Mentor

Tyson Batino

Tyson Batino, a resident mentor for 500 Global, is currently advising 35 companies on scaling their businesses in Japan and has founded 3 successful businesses in Japan (Two 7-figure businesses). His expertise spans across upgrading marketing strategies, enhancing sales performance, building strong teams, and optimizing operations. Through his mentorship, Tyson has identified a common challenge among these companies: the lack of robust back-office systems. This deficiency not only hampers operational efficiency but also creates significant barriers when seeking loans, attracting investors, or positioning for future acquisitions.

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Co-founder - Financial specialist & IPO Expert

Koichi Oshima

Kenta has served as a management and finance consultation for SMEs and startups for  9 years. He has helped companies with financial projection, accounting, and valuation. He has consulted one company to IPO and helped the company he worked with IPO and can help bring this diligence to your startup or small business


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Kenta Kato
Rocket start - Judicial scrivener

Koichi Oshima

After gaining a total of five years of real estate-related experience at a judicial scrivener office whose main business is buying and selling and inheritance, and in the real estate management industry, he gained three and a half years of corporate legal experience at a judicial scrivener office whose main business is commercial registration, became independent in 2022.

Since going independent, he has mainly been involved in corporate legal affairs and commercial registration for startup companies, while also being involved in a wide range of work including real estate buying and selling, inheritance registration, and licenses related to NPOs and the Money Lending Business Act.

Rocket start - Marketing Manager & Executive Assistant

Heikin Wong

Heikin will be coordinating between you and Kenta and our experts. Heikin graduated from Temple university with a degree in international business and has been living in Japan for over 6 years. He is based in Tokyo and you may see him at various startup events promoting Rocket Start and our Scaling Japan Podcast.

Heikin Wong

Get off to a Rocket Start in Japan with our streamlined incorporation services

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