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Investors, partners, and employees

EXPECT you to know the answer to everything….



People can expect a startup or small business founder to know how to do everything like raise money, choose the right partner, business model, and everything to run smoothly. You can also lose a potential investor, hire, client, or business partner by not knowing “what is expected.”



There is not enough time in the day for you to learn things, learn to trial and error, and you just need to do it. Many useful information is in Japanese, but you don’t know how to find it or it takes too long to read and absorb this information.

You need a secret weapon

Someone you can call on when you have a question that needs answering.

So, who can we help?



We can be your pocket CFO. Investors expect you to know a lot and get many things right “as signals of a good founder” and we can help you level up your knowledge and business acumen


Super Busy

We can be your Japan business sensei. You don’t have time to ask 5 friends and hope one of them has a good enough answer.


Business Owners

You should definitely not be spending time doing research, your time should be focused on creating value for customer and employees not researching the dry stuff.

Introducing PocketCFO

Our Services


※ Kenta has been certified to give finance advice, but is not certified for areas like labor law, taxation, but does have a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas.

Chat Support

Send us your questions on business in Japan!

  • Operations

    Finance・Taxation・Labor Law・Legal (Contract and Corporate Law)

  • Operations

    Back Office Setup and Efficiency

  • Market

    Japan Market, Business Model, Subsidies (Kenta)

  • Finance

    経営管理(M&A、IPO), Valuations, Raising Venture Capital

Templates & Guides

We provide free templates and guides for a variety of situations

Finances + Taxes

Invoice, Expense Tracker, Finance Simulator (rather than wait 1 - 1.5 months for your accounting, has a spreadsheet to track in real time)


Bank account creation, Opening an office (coming in July)

Labor + Management

Employee Benefits Calculator (actual cost after social insurance, etc), yearly planning sheet, hiring and firing grids.


Captable management from idea to IPO, founders agreement, proof of stock purchase, simple guide to equity sharing in Japan.

You'll also get access to...


Monthly Recap of Interesting Questions

We will share some of the top questions received that month


Our Paid Course Database

Access to Tyson’s DIY courses on trade shows, yearly planning, and sales & marketing deck, lecture on time management.
*for clients who sign up for a 6 month plan

Let us be your guide and your
secret weapon.

Get started with a free consultation today
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Who are we?

Meet Kenta

Kenta Kato

Kenta is currently leading the IPO process for a series B japanese company. He was also a management consultant for small businesses for over 10 years and helped for 300 small business. He has a depth of knowledge in general labor law, tax accounting, back office tools, and more. Some achievements include:

Certified securities analyst (Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan)
Certified standard level IPO professional

He can support companies on finance topics for all companies that are pre-public size. This includes topics like valuations, IPO, cash-flow, subsidies, financial projects, and business planning.

PocketCFO: Pricing

Choose a plan that fits
your needs

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¥11,000 / month

33% discount!

Ask up to 3-4
questions monthly



¥22,000 / month

33% discount!

Ask up to 6-7
questions monthly! 



¥33,000 / month

33% discount!

Ask up to 10
questions monthly!

Client Spotlight

There is about a ten word limit to this testmonial.



I am not kidding about the word limit on this.



Still not sure?

We want you to be confident
that we're the right choice. 

Making mistakes and losing time is way more costly…. Giving up too much stock, getting in trouble with government agencies, losing the faith of potential and existing investors, having complicated back office processes and structure will lead to wasted time and money.

Then you are definitely the right person for this program. You should probably not be using your time doing research, asking many different people, trading favors unnecessarily and even more reasons to utilize our help. Use our service and spend your time doing more sales, work on your product, or help elevate your employees, you know the things that really make a huge difference in growing your business. A good CEO can use capital to generate even more capital and is focused on value creation, not compliance.

See our list of questions above for some examples you can ask us. We can also have a 15 minute chat to evaluate your situation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHOWufvzjSDfMXBo00VpVFq5tM3QISNOw-n4XBJDjPk/edit


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