Top 5 Virtual Office Services in Japan

virtual office services in Japan

What are Virtual Office Services in Japan?

Virtual office services in Japan provide access to professional features, without the need for a physical office space. Think of it like renting the functionality of an office, without the walls. Accordingly, this lets businesses project a professional image, receive mail, and potentially even use meeting rooms occasionally, all at a lower cost than a traditional lease. Virtual offices also provide businesses with a budget-friendly and flexible workspace solution. 

They save on rent and utilities, while offering a professional address, essential services, and scalability to adapt to growth. This allows businesses to focus on core activities and empowers employees with remote work options. So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a cost-effective solution to establish a professional presence in Japan, this article is for you!

Why Do You Want Virtual Office Services in Japan?

  1. Cost Efficiency: Virtual office services offer a significant reduction in overhead costs compared to traditional office spaces. With no need for physical space, utilities, or maintenance, businesses can allocate their resources more effectively, investing in growth and development instead.
  2. Professional Business Address: A virtual office provides a prestigious business address, enhancing your company’s professional image. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups, as it lends credibility and trustworthiness to clients and partners.
  3. Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility: With a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere, promoting a better work-life balance and increasing productivity. This flexibility is ideal for remote teams, freelancers, and digital nomads, allowing them to operate efficiently without being tied to a specific location.
  4. Access to Administrative Support and Meeting Facilities: Virtual office services often include administrative support such as mail handling, call answering, and receptionist services. Additionally, businesses can access meeting rooms and conference facilities as needed. This ensures they have professional spaces for client meetings and team collaborations without the high costs of maintaining a permanent office.

Key Features to Look for in Virtual Office Services in Japan

mail handling

How do you know if a virtual office service is great? With a handful of companies available in Japan, here’s a basic checklist of features to look for in a virtual office service to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

General Checklist

  • Prestigious business address: Having a reputable business address represents your company’s professional standing and trustworthiness. To make a good impression on people learning about your company for the first time, use different materials. Consider professional business cards, a polished website, and well-designed marketing materials. Then, select a virtual office service that offers an address in prominent business districts like Roppongi, Marunouchi, and Nihombashi.
  • Mail handling and forwarding: Efficient mail handling and forwarding services are vital for smooth business operations. Look for virtual office providers that offer comprehensive mail management solutions, including receiving, sorting, and securely storing your mail. 
  • Dedicated phone number and call answering: Opt for virtual office providers that offer personalized call answering, where calls are answered in your company’s name by trained receptionists. This service can include call forwarding to your mobile or office phone, voicemail transcription, and automated answering systems. It ensures that all client inquiries are handled promptly and professionally, creating a seamless communication experience for your clients.
  • Meeting room and office space access: Access to office spaces is crucial for hosting client meetings, team collaborations, and presentations. Choose a virtual office provider that offers spaces equipped with the latest technology, like fast internet and presentation equipment. 
  • Additional services (e.g., IT support, virtual assistants): IT support can help resolve technical issues quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to your work. Virtual assistants can handle administrative tasks, such as scheduling, data entry, and customer follow-ups, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities. These additional services can be tailored to meet your specific needs, providing flexibility and scalability as your business grows.

Top 5 Virtual Office Services in Japan

  1. Regus Japan offers flexible workspace solutions, including private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms across various locations in Japan. Known for its professional environments and extensive network, Regus caters to businesses of all sizes, providing customizable office setups and essential services to enhance productivity and collaboration.
  2. Servcorp Japan provides premium virtual office services, coworking spaces, and fully furnished offices in prime locations across Japan. With a focus on luxury and high-quality service, Servcorp offers state-of-the-art facilities, professional support, and advanced IT infrastructure to support businesses in establishing a prestigious presence.
  3. Compass Offices offers flexible workspace solutions, including serviced offices, virtual offices, and meeting rooms in key business districts in Japan. Known for its modern and well-equipped facilities, Compass Offices aims to provide businesses with cost-effective and efficient workspace options that promote productivity and growth.
  4. WeWork Virtual Offices Japan provides businesses with prestigious business addresses, mail handling, and access to WeWork’s global network of coworking spaces. Ideal for remote work and startups, WeWork Virtual Office offers flexible membership plans, professional services, and a vibrant community to support business growth and networking opportunities.
  5. Executive Centre offers premium serviced offices, coworking spaces, and virtual office solutions in prime business locations. Renowned for its elegant design, high-quality service, and cutting-edge technology, The Executive Centre caters to professionals and enterprises seeking a sophisticated and productive workspace environment.

Choosing the Right Virtual Office Services in Japan

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Factors to Consider

Some important factors to consider would be location, services offered, and budget. The location of your business which is displayed on all your marketing materials give off a certain impression. So, you want to make sure to choose a location that is known to be a business district. Also, you want to know if the company offers all the services that you anticipate in helping your business operate. Lastly, budget is crucial, especially for startups with limited capital to work with.

  • Location: Choose a prestigious business address that enhances your company’s image and is convenient for potential clients and partners.
  • Services: Ensure the service offers essential features such as mail handling, call forwarding, and meeting room access. Additional services like administrative support, coworking spaces, and IT support can add significant value.
  • Budget: Balance the cost of the service with the benefits provided. Look for packages that offer the best value for money without compromising on essential services.

Importance of customer reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the reliability and quality of virtual office services. Positive feedback from existing clients can indicate strong customer support and efficient service delivery. Hence, look for testimonials that highlight the following:

  • Timeliness and professionalism of the service
  • Responsiveness and helpfulness of the support staff
  • Overall satisfaction with the facilities and additional services

By reading testimonials that tackle the aspects above, you will be able to develop a solid image of the company. These testimonials will let you know how easy and convenient it is to work with a certain company, or how difficult it might be. Preparing yourself for these kinds of things may also help you prevent any spillover costs in the long run!

Tailoring services to specific business needs

Every business has unique requirements. Thus, it’s essential to choose a virtual office service that can be customized to meet those needs. Consider:

  • Scalability: Ensure the service can grow with your business, offering more advanced options as your needs evolve
  • Industry-Specific Features: Some industries may require specialized support or facilities. Verify that the virtual office can accommodate these needs
  • Flexibility: Look for services that offer flexible terms and the ability to adjust your package as your business demands change


Virtual office services offer a multitude of benefits, from providing a prestigious business address to offering essential support services like mail handling and call forwarding. These services are extremely helpful for enhancing your company’s professional image and operational efficiency. When choosing the best virtual office provider, it’s important to consider certain factors. These would include location, the range of services offered, and your budget. 

Additionally, customer reviews and testimonials can provide insight into the reliability and quality of the service. Tailoring the virtual office services to meet your business needs ensures that you get your investment’s worth. With these tips, you can confidently select a virtual office provider that will support your business growth and success!

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